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  • Location:BROOKLYN, NY
  • Venue:SPARTA
  • Length:02:00 pm

J’ouvert Jamishness – The Spartan Weekend.

JJ Spartan 1000 – “Saturday We Fete!/ Paint War”

Saturday 21st July, 2018.

The Coliseum

490 Emerald Street

Brooklyn, NY 11208

The Elite Paint Fete Experience Returns Themed Spartan 1000.8

Searching for 1000 Strong, Resilient and Quick JJ Patrons for the Army!

*2nd Batch $60* Registration is available @ www.jjspartan1000.eventbrite.com

JJ Triumph – “Sunday We Feast!”

Sunday 22nd July, 2018.


490 Emerald St

Brooklyn, NY 11208

A Food Inclusive Celebration after the War!

Two Extremely Gifted Chefs will be Tantalizing your Tastebuds with an Extensive Food Display.
Chef Picky of Picky Eaters
Chef Dell Dae aka The Food Pimp

Togas, Summer Dresses and Gladiator Sandals are Highly Encouraged.

*2nd Batch $30* Tickets available @ www.jjtriumph.eventbrite.com

Combo Tickets Available for Both Days @ $80 OR feel free to attend one or the other!

JJ Spartan Weekend –
Saturday We Fete! || Sunday We Feast!

This is a Production brought to you by Team JJ: *Ago Solvo Events|TeamSLI*

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For More Info:
1-347-543-2478 || 1-857-719-1808